What Is Metabolic Syndrome? (and is it preventing me from losing weight?)

You might be wondering what Metabolic Syndrome is and whether you have it? Is it a metabolic disease? Can it be cured? 


In this video, I’ll tell you about it, plus I’ll explain how it’s connected to weight loss and whether it’s the reason why you haven’t been able to shake those few extra pounds. 


Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occurred together to increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Some of the things that put you at risk for having Metabolic Syndrome are:

  1. A large waist circumference, 

  2. High fasting blood glucose, 

  3. High blood pressure, 

  4. High triglycerides,

  5. Low good cholesterol 


It's very important to identify if you have Metabolic Syndrome because the way that your health is affected by these markers can be serious and have long-term consequences. 


Metabolic Syndrome is linked to weight gain by something called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the inability to use insulin correctly. A healthy digestive system breaks down food into glucose, and then sends the hormone insulin into the bloodstream to allow the cells in your body to absorb the glucose and use it as a fuel. But when there's insulin resistance, your cells block insulin, and the fuel can't enter your cells. You need insulin to live, but when there's too much of it, it promotes fat storage. 


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