How To Lose Weight Quickly

(TIP: Restricting Calories Is NOT The Answer!)

I see so  many women and people struggling with their weight…


They are restricting calories and working out even harder and the scale just won’t budge! And they can’t understand why these tactics that used to work in the past just don’t cut it anymore. Well there are some key reasons that even diet gurus and doctors often miss!


Usually, when you want to lose weight, you do two things. First, you decrease the amount of food you're eating, decreasing calories. The second is increasing exercise - more running, more gym, time and more lifting. 


This conventional approach does not work for everyone. In fact, I hear more often than not, I just can't get the scale to budge. Even though I'm starving myself and working out five days a week. 


It may not just be about calories and exercise. There are a lot of possibilities including: 

  1. Metabolic syndrome, 
  2. Insulin resistance, 
  3. Poor gut health, 
  4. and on and on and on. 

So let's talk a little bit about gut health. To have good gut health is so very, very important. Good protein and vegetables are essential. These nutrients promote a beneficial gut flora rather than one that's fighting against your body. Calories are important, but not all calories are equal. a candy bar is not the same as broccoli or carrots. How the metabolic body reset deals with this is through an approach that involves not only diet and lifestyle but mindset. 


Let me explain a little, by using real food not shakes or prepackaged foods I refocus your attention on what your body truly needs. All the while allowing your digestive tract the opportunity to rest and repair. Basically giving you and teaching you the tools necessary to understand that you can lose weight, lose the weight, and keep the weight off all the while regaining energy and confidence in yourself.


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