3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

When losing weight feels like a never-ending uphill battle, it can feel pretty discouraging… And most people tell me that they are at their wits end because no matter how much they diet or exercise, they just can’t budge the  scale! There are very specific reasons for this, reasons that not even most doctors know, that should be corrected to lose weight more effortlessly.

The Real Reasons Behind Low Energy (Beating Extreme Fatigue)

Do you feel tired all the time? Have you been struggling to get through the day? Feeling depleted, or just not your best self? Restoring your energy could very well be all in your gut,  but not necessary in the way you might think!

How To Reset Metabolism After 40 (While Conquering Low Energy!)

So many people are struggling with their weight and energy these days and just want to find a way to feel better! They blame it on aging or stress when something else is usually going on...In this video, I share ways to reset your metabolism and energy levels after 40!

How To Lose Weight Quickly

(TIP: Restricting Calories Is NOT The Answer!)

I see so  many women and people struggling with their weight… They are restricting calories and working out even harder and the scale just won’t budge! In this video, I share some key reasons that even diet gurus and doctors often miss!

What Is Metabolic Syndrome? (and is it preventing me from losing weight?)

You might be wondering what Metabolic Syndrome is, and whether you have it? Is it a metabolic disease? Can it be cured?  In this video I’ll tell you about it, plus I’ll explain how it’s connected to weight loss and whether it’s the reason why you haven’t been able to shake those few extra pounds. 

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